Our Classes

I get asked every day “Do I need (or, more so “have”) to take a workshop to paint furniture?”

The answer is “of course not”

We’ll still graciously help you choose a paint color, give you a few pointers, cheer you on, remind you to have fun and ask for pictures of your finished project.

So, why take a workshop? The honest answer: because most people that come into our shop, want their pieces to look and feel like ours.  They want to know the tricks of the trade, the short cuts for prep without sacrificing quality, the most durable topcoats and the right maintenance for longevity after the piece is done. They want to know the best products to use, the steps to take to get the look they want and how to fix any mistakes. They want to skip years of lessons learned with trials and errors.

I’ve been painting furniture for over 25 years. I’ve done many things over; I’ve discovered shortcuts, broke a few rules, but also learned which ones to follow. I’ve laughed, cried, smiled, screamed, boosted and bled over pieces. I’ve spent a lot of time away from my family, and the equivalent of year researching online, reading the backs of cans, and having my nose in books. The time I've spent stripping and sanding to start over, having in-depth conversations with other artisans about what they know and how they do it is countless. I’ve spent a huge deal of money buying every single primer/brush/roller/varnish/paint on the market, to find the very best one. The hunt for the elusive “lint free cloth” itself, took years. I’ve “zero prepped” to only be up all night watching the paint peel to the floor. I've traveled to summits and retreats, taken classes and attended conferences to learn from industry leaders.  I’ve spent a lot of time and money figuring out the science of refinishing furniture, and I learned thru the process, that refinishing isn’t an exact science.

Of course you can create your own pieces the way you want without a workshop. For some, the journey is part of the fun… But for others, they want a fast pass and the guidance on how to get started. I bring ALL of my experience to every class. My knowledge is my product, with the end goal being; you going home and having confidence to paint. Knowing how to create the look and feel you want, with the supplies you know are the best. You'll know the rules you can break and the ones you need to follow. You'll know the steps that will work, because they're the same ones I take to get the high quality finish I'm known for. 

So, feel free to join me at ReVived Vintage, for one of our up and coming workshops. All of our classes are hands on, so limited seating is available. Register early to avoid disappointment. Bring a friend or two and prepare to leave tired, but inspired with the confidence of years worth of knowledge to finish your own pieces of ReVived vintage..