What our clients are saying

" If I want it done, I want it done right, and so it was no question that Christie was going to be the one to refinish our dining set. Her standard of quality and the way she starts and finishes off her pieces to make sure they not only look good, but they last, as Christie told us, without worry through Christmas dinner, making her professional knowledge stand out"

~D. Simmon. 


"There are a lot of options buying painted furniture right now, but Revived Vintage's  standard and quality show such a professional finish, that it doesnt even compare to whats out there. These pieces are in class of their own"

~T. Reemer 


"I walk around and instead of "I can do that", I ask myself "How did she do that?"

~J. Lyn


"This girl KNOWS her stuff! She helped me do my cabinet RIGHT, instead of just telling me what I wanted to hear to sell me a can of paint!" That inspired me to take her workshop (Ive now taken 4) where she taught me things that I never would have been able to figure out on my own, and she really enouraged me and helped me to have the confidence to make my pieces beautiful. I cant stop painting!! ."

~K. Harper


I was not shopping for a dresser, but when I walked past the shop that had the most beautiful dresser I had ever seen in the front window, I had to have it. It's a work of art. A show piece that I can enjoy and use everyday"

~B. Kindling

"Where do I begin to describe my love and admiration for all things "ReVived Vintage" and the creator...Miss Christie! I first encountered Christie when I came across the most godly looking vintage 9 drawer dresser set with matching tall boy, headboard and mirror...Enter ReVived Vintage...it took me only a second to realize that this was JUST the person I needed to revamp this bedroom set! I gave only minimal input and instruction and gave her full rein to beautify it. WELL....what I received FAR surpassed anything I could have imagined and my husband was equally impressed, he is now more open to vintage/antique furninture and the possibilities that lie within...THANK YOU CHRISTIE.  I have since purchased MANY more ReVived Vintage pieces and have a touch of Christie in almost every room of my house...and yes..including my bathroom!

~ K. Pike


"I am so inspired every time I come in here"
~T. Davis


"I quickly learned after meeting Christie not only what a great friend she is but how truly talented she is. Christie has an amazing talent for seeing the beauty in things that others have “kicked to the curb.” Her creativity is unique and inspiring! I am the proud owner of Scarlet - a red table that has been “Revived.” I told Christie that if she ever happened to come across a table that may work for me to let me know. Before I knew it, not only had she found the perfect piece, but she created a piece of furniture that I love. Every time I look at “Scarlet,” I am reminded of my friend. There is nothing that Christie can’t fix and beautify!"

~T. Peppler


"When we moved into our 1900 sq. ft house from a 600 sq. ft condo we needed furniture desperately! All I knew is that I didn't want our home to be a cookie-cutter, showhome design. I looked everywhere for furniture that was really "us" (or..."me" haha hubby didn't care that much) and unique. I finally realized if we wanted something unique it would have to be custom.....enter Christie at ReVived Vintage! I swear it was fate that I found her. Christie is extremely professional, creative, collaborative, and will go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your piece. I am so happy to now have furniture I will love forever and really unique to us, no one will ever have the same "Rosie the Robot" or beautiful bedroom sidetables! And as an added bonus, I now also have a great friend :) Thank so much Christie"

~L.M Holgate